Neighborhood Narratives Tokyo

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Illuminated by neons, Tokyo is a city which never sleeps. Always agitated, people come and go, walk at anytime of the day. But Nishikoyama is different; located in the Meguro ward which is 15 minutes from the center, it is quiet with a good environment but known as a very expensive land. Near the station, there is long road called Nikoma Street, where any kind of shops are lined, one after one. Most people living around buy their needs there.
However, in Nishikoyama, there are two communities: one is Japanese and the other is Asian from Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and so on. Their lifestyles are different. The Japanese side shops are expensive although the Asian side is cheap. They have their own vegetable market where everything is very cheap with prices that cannot be found in Japanese shops. Then, because of their community, there is also a shop where products from all over Asia are sold. The places name is written in characters that cannot be read: in there, people are always grouped, watch television and speak in several languages. Passing by make you feel that you are not in Japan.
It is interesting to see the distinction existing in Nishikoyama between these two communities where a mix of culture can be found.


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