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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"A Day in my Life"

When I leave school TUJ, first of all, I go to the convenience store to see new magazines and read the most interesting part without buying them because carrying them is too heavy!!! Then, I buy milk tea and go to the park and relax, watching children playing in the sand and the cloudy sky of winter. I sometimes remember my childhood, times I did not think or worry about anything. I would like to go back to that time where everyday seemed like a dream. Being in the park is the only time I have to breathe and forget about reality with the sweet milk tea.

After that, I go to the station of Shirokane-Takanawa to take the train to go to work...On my way, I buy a sandwich and grab it while walking. Time in Tokyo flies so I got to hurry!! Again, a long day after school is beginning...Japanese business men look tired as always, sleeping in the train. I cannot sit but I guess I am still young so I can handle it(^0^)!


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