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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring has come!

<-- Location: Naka-Meguro. Famous place for the quantity of flowers.

<-- Location: Nishi-Koyama. Flowers forming a beautiful arch.
When Cherry blossoms are flourishing in April, people are just happy. It is a pleasure to take a walk, take pictures and communicate with others about the Sakura(Japanese word for cherry blossom).
Japanese people do in this season, parties called "HANAMI." They buy a lot of food, drinks and sit underneath the trees, enjoying the beauty of flowers. They are that happy that some get drunk and start to sing, some share their food with their neighbors, some have deep conversations, some are passing out and some are screaming to distress themselves. It is amazing to watch because Hanami is a very popular Japanese culture.
However, these Sakuras last only for one week so people’s main conversation is about the weather, praying that there is no rain. I think that if these cherries could be there all year and that Japanese could party every week, they would not be that stressed…Though, this season is my favorite in Japan.


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