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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thank you Meguro-ku!

I love Meguro-ku and i don't want to move from here. It is the place where i grew up, which gave me the wish to travel around to discover "neighbors" relations in the world. And surrounded by nature, i could cogitate, take my time to think, to play, to watch TV which pushed me to enter the world of showbiz. If my friend Nacchan didn't teach me to love TV, I would probably not do the job of a comedian. Because of my neighbors, i learned japanese, the culture, behavior needed to live in Japan. I really am thankful to Meguro-ku and understand the reason why it is expensive to live here!
<--- This the Salesio Church! I go here every sunday to pray God to help me to become more famous^^;
<---Imitating a Japanese Singer, Wada Akiko for a TV show on Nihon TV! Yokohama, second day!
<-- Performing in Yokohama for the International Comedy show! (First Day)
These pictures were taken in China! This is the Takuramakan Desert! The purpose of the trip was to meet many people, to know more about their culture, their way of living. This area was islamic and what i learned is that people here are very generous. They give everything they have. Neighbors are part of the family. They are not strangers but relatives! If they are in trouble, everybody, men, women, children are going to help. It is a community which is important and show the necessity of being surrounded by neighbors.

Few years later, because having lived in a place surrounded by nature, i wanted to travel around! And as i became a comedian, i got the opportunity to go to West China, where my vision of the world became wide!
<-- i turned 17 while eating the Ra-men! I am in a chinese restaurant! This is a very good Ra-men, possible to find at Gakugei-daigaku station."Kujiraya" is the name of the restaurant!And eating it made me grew up!
At the age of 8, i was dreaming of becoming a famous person! I liked to get the attention and do crazy things.
<---Map of Himonya Park! On Sundays, we can ride horses amd ponies. During Cherry blossom, it's possible to ride boat in the park...
This is me, playing in front of my house. After that, we went to Himonya Park to play there.

<-- Himonya park! It is my favorite plave in Meguro-ku!There are a lot of nature, a lake and we used to come here bicycle to play! This the house where i lived in 1989 for five years! It still exists now..
<-- By the way this a friend, Nacchan, who lived door next to me!Here I am 9 years old. For your information, we have the same age. I was very shocked to know that. With her, we were always singing, playing around and this is how i learn japanese. Nacchan thaugh me many things, especially about japanese TV! <-- Japanese Ojizo-san!The box in the middle is to put some money as a gift to God. When i just got to Japan, i was 7 years old and thought i could use the money for free so i took sometimes 100yen and went to the shop to buy candies which is very bad...Japanese friends living in my neighborhood did it too and told me with gestures( as i didn't understand the language) to do it too...I am sorry!

These are streets where i walk everyday since my childhood!The McDonald closed early in the past. I couldn't go inside because i didn't have money, but now, i can go there and buy milk shake!It's amazing!
This Saigon Park. It is really beautiful! In Meguro, it's possible to find a lot of nature. That's why maybe people like the place.
This is the east exit of the station!It's called, Shopping Road! Some festivals are organized! I wanted to be part of it when i was 9!

is a very nice place!People are nice, the city is always with smily people and a lot of events!


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